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Let's Make Green Together

A financial education podcast to inspire, inform, and encourage young and mid-career professionals to manage their money with confidence

We make money easy to understand using casual conversations.


Real Talk.

You're making good money - enough to pay your bills and have fun, but you still find yourself wondering if you're doing the "right things" or if you're on the "right track".


You're ready to feel good about the decisions you make with your money. You're ready to stop being afraid to look in your bank account. You're ready to stop thinking 'what should I be doing with my money' and start thinking 'I got this'. Does that sound familiar?

We get it. We're just like you. 

We know how hard it can be to crush it in your career, focus on family, and lay that firm financial foundation. We've done the hard work and we want to help ease your stress around money. 

Hi. We're Natasha & Damian.

We're a Black and Brown couple with the goal to help you make green!

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Natasha is co-founder and creative mind behind Black and Brown Make Green. She is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and former elementary educator. She enjoys video editing, reading, and hiking.

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Damian is co-founder and audio engineer for Black and Brown Make Green. He is a software engineer by trade and enjoys music production and mixing in his free time.

We think it's time to stop giving your money the side eye.

It's time to get inspired, get informed, and get excited because we're about to make green together!

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